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Web Tent

Shelter System's patent on the Web Tent™ structure has just been allowed by the patent office. Oriented fibers in the white bands stabilizes and strengthens the pole structure.


A Web Tent structure is described having one or more deformable, resilient poles and one or more tension webs associated therewith and coupled thereto to maintain the pole(s) in a selected shape under tension and to impart strength and rigidity to the structure. A flexible membrane may also be provided to define a sheltered space. Also disclosed is a method for making such a structure.

Web Supported Pole

What is needed therefor and what has been invented is a flexible structure that exhibits improved rigidity and strength over prior art structures, and that overcomes the foregoing deficiencies associated with the prior art. More particularly, what is needed and what has been invented is a flexible structure comprising at least one deformable resilient pole with a tension web assembly coupled thereto in order to maintain the pole in a selected, e.g., a generally arcuate, shape under tension. The tension web assembly maintains the pole in its desired shape under tension and provides improved rigidity and strength when the structure is subjected to external load forces such as snow. wind, rain, etc. An underlying membrane may be coupled to the tension web assembly to provide a highly stable, rigid, and strong shelter structure, for example a tent.

Web Tent™ Technology Having Strut Menbers

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