Keep some Grip Clips tarp fasteners, cord, and a tarp in your truck and you can cover your truck bed securely and quickly anytime. A perfect solution for dump runs, hauling yard waste, or keeping rain out of your truck bed. Grip Clips won't puncture or tear tarps and won't "pop" off. Grip Clips are quick and easy to install.

Grip Clips are well suited to creating truck bed coverings for several reasons. Both truck beds and the loads we put in them vary in size. The anchor sites can be either inside the truck bed or outside it. So, it's difficult to anchor the tarp securely using the grommets on a tarp. Grip Clips can be attached exactly where they're needed to tie the tarp on snugly--each load you haul. And because of the Grip Clip's special design, they won't "pop" off while you're driving down the freeway.

To make a truck bed cover, we recommend using either our General Purpose Grip Clip (for a regular blue tarp) or the Heavy-Duty Grip Clip (for a thick tarp).

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