You'll create versatile, inexpensive, simple, lightweight, compact tents and shelters with Grip Clips tarp fasteners, a tarp, poles, cord, and stakes. Grip Clips won't puncture or tear the tarp and won't "pop" off. Plus they're easy to attach.

With Grip Clips tarp fasteners, you can make tents and canopies for a variety of situations. You can make a tent for camping or backpacking. If you keep tarp, Grip Clips, and poles in your car, RV, or truck, you can put a tent or canopy over a picnic table (using a 20'x20' tarp) or wherever you want to dine, create a windbreak at the beach (with a 10'x10' or 20'x20'), etc. Keep Grip Clips and a few tarps on hand to create emergency shelters in your yard or neighborhood in case of earthquake, flood, or hurricanes.

Different-sized tarps will cover different-sized areas. When backpacking, make a lightweight, 1-person tent with a 6'x'8' tarp and some Light Fabric Grip Clips. Fasten the tent to overhead branches and use sticks or rocks for anchors. A 10'x10' tarp tent will sleep 2 people. A 20'x20' tent will sleep 4. You can also join tarps to cover even larger areas.What's more, a 2-person Grip Clip 10'x10' tarp tent weighs only 2-3 pounds, compared to 8 pounds for a standard 2-person tent.

Poles can be of various materials: 1" wooden dowels, 1 1/4" PVC pipe, 2" sapling, telescoping aluminum poles. This tent uses two 1 1/4"-diameter bamboo poles, each 6' long. Or you can eliminate the poles and simply tie cord to the Grip Clips (to either the "ring" or the "button" parts) and attach the cord to an overhanging tree.

To make this Grip Clip Tarp Tent (20'x20' tarp), we recommend using 6 General Purpose Grip Clips (4 for the anchors and 2 for the poles).

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