Protect your motorcycle during the winter months by creating a waterproof covering using Grip Clips tarp fasteners and a tarp. Grip Clips won't puncture or tear tarps and won't "pop" off. Grip Clips are quick and easy to install.

You can create a snug-fitting Grip Clip motorcycle cover by gathering the tarp in various places near the base of the tarp and securing each gather or fold with a Grip Clip. Since a motorcycle is tall in proportion to its size and since the Grip Clip motorcycle cover is formfitted and has a small surface area, the cover won't blow off or flap around in the wind. If you live in a particularly windy place, you might fasten the cover to the motorcycle with an "S" hook or connect two Grip Clips with a bungee cord under the motorcycle.

To create a motorcycle cover, we recommend using our General Purpose Grip Clip.

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