Grip Clip Pro™ Tarp Fasteners

Instantly attaches tarps to roofs, buildings, frame works, poles, plywood etc.

• Instantly attaches tarps securely to wood frame, plywood, metal pipe, etc. with out puncturing.
• Instantly removable and is reusable.
• Join and or shingle tarps to protect large enclosures from water damage.
• Create leak proof ridge lines.
• Secure the midsections of tarps to prevent the tarp from flapping with out puncturing.
• Allows tarps to be removed to work on building and reattach instantly without damage to tarp.
• Attach covers to scaffolding to help protect passersby's from falling debris under buildings being renovated.

The Grip Clip Pro solves multiple problems when tarping a building or roof to protect the structure from rain or wind damage after wind or hurricane damage to a roof or walls in a building.

Typically roof tarping is accomplished by nailing strips of wood over the tarp to the building or home punctures the tarp creating leaks and damaging the tarp for future use. The Grip Clip Pro solves these problems. Look at Testimonals for more images of the Pro at work.

Attach tarps to lumber, roof framing, sides of buildings by screwing the Base to wood.

The Grip Clip Pro has two parts. The "Base" part is attached to the frame by screw gun, nail, pop rivet, hose clamp, pull ties or cord; the tarp is layered over the Base and the "Loc" part is pushed down on the tarp draped Knob and turned to lock on to the tarp and Base The Grip Clip Pro ™ tarp fastener does not puncture the tarp and can be remove simply by pushing down and turning. It allows for the securing of any part of the tarp to any point on the structure.

Multiple tarps can be shingled over each other and then held secure by the Grip Clip Pro thus making the tarps covering of the structural frame water tight. The Lock part of multiple clips can be strung together to ease the managing of the Locks when tarping or un tarping. The Grip Clip Pro Tarp Fasteners can also be used to replace or in addition to grommets on the edge of tarps.

The Grip Clip Pro holds approximately 66 lbs. tarp pull at 45 degree up from the the Base. Approximately 80 lbs tarp pull on the plane of the Base in the long axis of the Base. Approximately 120 lbs tarp pull in the plane of the base along the short axis of the Base. The Pro when used as a cord tie on a tarp sustains a pull of approximately 120 lbs. When loads exceed limits of the tarp fastener it most offen pops off with out damage to the fastener.

Attach tarps to bamboo, branches or metal pipe using plastic ties to strap the Base.

The Grip Clip Pro be used to cover wooden frame work or plywood to create water tight shelters of all types. Insolating liners can be attached inside frames with the the Grip Clip Pro.

The Base can also be screwed, hose clamped or pop riveted to the ends or midsections of poles or rods and then tarps can be locked on with the Loc. This can be useful to support the mid section of a low point in a tarp

Hose clamps can also be used to attach tarps to metal pipes rods or beams of all kinds. Useful in securing tarps over boats to the gunnels or railings or building scaffolding.

Join tarps to aluminum or steel poles, rods or beams with pop rivets. Handy way to attach tarps or shades to scaffolding.

Attaches to tarps with out puncturing and thus tarps do not leak and used over and over. Completely removable and reusable.

Base under tarp and Loc being pushed down on Base

Loc pushed over tarp and Base.

Loc turned to lock tarp onto Base