Hanging Bottle Weights With Grip Clips

Some times it is useful to hang a weight from the edge of tarps to hold the tarp down with out attaching the tarp to an object such as a boat. This technique can be useful to help hold a tarp over a woodpile and still have quick and easy access to the pile. As shown below we hang a two-liter soft drink bottle from a Grip Clip that is attached to the edge of a tarp.

First attach your clip to the edge of your tarp with a length of cord. Then tie a "figure 8 knot" in the free end of the cord onto the cord coming from the clip. Note that the tail of knot is facing the Grip Clip. It is the nature of this knot that it will tighten after it is tied by pulling on the cord connected to the bottle and the harder you pull on the cord the tighter the loop will get.

Now twist the loop that you have made so that it is a double loop.

Then slip the neck of your bottle through the double loop and tighten it onto the neck of the bottle.

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