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Tarp Fasteners: Grip Clip

The Critical Key to our tent, dome, and greenhouse structures is our non-puncturing tarp fastener, the Grip Clip, which allows us to "shingle" and shape a variety of tarp and fabric materials together into functional shelters. Shingling is achieved by layering the tarp panels over each other as you would shingle a roof of a house and then "clipping" them together. This creates a waterproof covering. Attached, the Grip Clips also serve as anchoring points for poles and stakes.

You can apply the Grip Clip easily to a tarp by hand and you can also use it to join two tarps together or to shape a tarp to fit a desired function by gathering up a fold. They also provides a secure anchor for staking or attaching poles or guy lines. You will find endless uses for them at home, in the garden, while camping, and at construction sites.

Note: In all shelters that Shelter Systems offers, the Grip Clips are attached by us at our factory. To set up a shelter you have only to add the poles and it is up in minutes.


Easy Assembly 150 lb. side pull 200 lb. 2-tarp hang test Will not "pop off"

Non-Puncturing Pull any direction. Join two tarps Repair torn tarps.

Thousands of Uses
With Grip Clips tarp fasteners you can transform tarps and fabric into hundreds of useful items: tents, bike and storage sheds, car covers, lumber coverings, hammocks, car seat covers, a cover for a leaky roof, kayaks, firewood coverings, rain flys over tents, motorcycle covers, kites, truck bed covering, gardening row covers, leaf bags, compost bin, survival shelter, canopies, window awning, wading pool, windscreens, greenhouses....

And you can use Grip Clips tarp fasteners in hundreds of situations: mending tarps, joining two tarps, fixing "blown" grommets, hanging curtains, attaching keys to a briefcase, a backpack, or to clothing, hanging dish towels and wash clothes, hanging shower curtains, tying down tents and flys, securing sheets, hanging mosquito netting over your bed, securing a tablecloth on a picnic table....The possibilities are endless!

The Design
The Grip Clip tarp fastener is specially designed to lock on to tarps and fabrics, without puncturing them. The Grip Clip tarp fastener will withstand a 150-to-200 lb. pull without coming off or tearing the tarp at the point of attachment. We achieve this through the following design features. The tarp passes over and under multiple sections of the tarp fastener. Thus the tarp is in contact with a large surface area of the fastener. By spreading out the force exerted on the tarp and increasing the friction between it and the fastener , the tarp is prevented from slipping or tearing. The two pieces of the Grip Clip tarp fastener lock together (somewhat like a button in a button hole), engaging the tarp between them, so that the two pieces cannot come apart accidentally.

The Grip Clip tarp and fabric fastener is made of a UV-stabilized (for longer sun resistance), extremely tough and durable co-polymer. The tarp fastener's color is white to reflect the sun's heat and light which will prevent the sun from degrading the tarp at points of attachment.

The cord provided with each Grip Clip is a super nylon with a weight-bearing strength of 550 pounds.

The Revolution
The Grip Clip tarp and fabric fastener will revolutionize the way you think of tarps. No more grommets ripping out and your expensive tarp, ruined, flapping in the wind. You will find that you can--on the spot--join and shape tarps to create watertight covers without resorting to sewing (time consuming and leaks at the seams), tape (messy and peels off) or other tarp fasteners (which pop off).

Light Fabric Grip Clip

Black Light Fabric (1 3/8") is tough and small. Use for thin nylon tarps and fabric. Weight .2 oz, Set of 4 Micro Grip Clip (1 1/8") for $10. Weight .085 oz

General Purpose Grip Clip

General Purpose (2 3/8") Grip Clip is versatile and strong. Use in every day situations, normal tarps plastic coverings, and the woven films that we sell. Weight .5 oz

Heavy-Duty Grip Clip

Heavy-Duty (3 5/8") Grip Clip is rugged and tough. Use in severe weather, for extra strength or on large or thick tarps. Weight 1 oz

Light Fabric Grip Clips set of 4 (with cord) $8; LF 20 (with cord) $25

General Purpose Grip Clips set of 4 (with cord) $10; GP 20 (with cord) $40

Heavy Duty Grip Clips set of 3 (with cord) $10; HD 10 (with cord) $25

Grip Clip Pro set of 4 $10; GCP 18 for $40;


Instantly attaches tarps to roofs, buildings, frame works, poles, plywood etc.

     •  Instantly attaches tarps securely to wood frame, plywood, metal pipe, etc. with out puncturing tarp.

     •  Instantly removable and is reusable.

      •  Join and or shingle tarps to protect large enclosures from water damage.

      •  Create leak proof ridge lines.

      •  Secure the midsections of tarps to prevent the tarp from flapping with out puncturing.

      •  Allows tarps to be removed to work on building and reattach instantly without damage to tarp.

     •  Attach covers to scaffolding to help protect passersby's from falling debris under buildings being renovated.

The Grip Clip Pro solves multiple problems when tarping a building or roof to protect the structure from rain or wind damage after wind or hurricane damage to a roof or walls in a building.

Typically roof tarping is accomplished by nailing strips of wood over the tarp to the building or home punctures the tarp creating leaks and damaging the tarp for future use. The Grip Clip Pro solves these problems.


Assortment: one of each size Grip Clips (includes GCP shown above) $25

Grip Clips will help you create what you need. ™

What you can make with Grip Clips is limitless! ™

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1 1/2-YEAR GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not completely pleased with your purchase, return it in original, dry and clean condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange as you wish. All items in this catalog have a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 1/2 years. Should any product prove defective we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Special Orders are not returnable. Read Snow and Wind Warnings.

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