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Wind, Weather, Shade, Comfort, Safety and Shelter at Burning Man

Shelter Systems has provided 100's of Yurts, Domes and Tents for people at Burning Man for over 7 years. Our tents, domes and yurts have proven they stand with the best against the rigors of the playa. Our strongest domes are our 18 and 30'ers. We do recommend you study all the information that we provide concerning anchoring and burning man in general. Please read through our online Manual. Wind conditions at the playa can be extreme and we do not recommend our shelters for use in extreme winds. However as stated above our domes have thus far held up well to the weather at the playa but they could fail if you have not secured your dome properly or if the winds reach excessive speeds or if the winds continue with out letting up or if a wind propelled object was to crash into your shelter. If you have any doubt about your yurt seek shelter in your car till the wind storm passes. Photo above by Bill Clearlake.

Shelter Kits for Burning Man

Wind, Weather, and Shelter at Burning Man

Shade at Burning Man

Wind Warnings

Dealing with Strong Winds

Dust at Burning Man,

Playa View at Burning Man

Shelter Systems' Yurt Domes at Burning Man

Shelter Systems' Online Manual

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Shelter Systems' Trip to Burning Man 2000

Shelter Systems' Trip to Burning Man 2001

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