Open-Arched Yurt Dome

Shelter Systems' full size 14', 18', 20', and 30' domes can be easily and reversibly transformed into Open-Arched Yurt Domes by you at no cost. In about 15 minutes you can convert your dome into the open-arch form, creating a inviting space with great ventilation, and in 15 minutes you can have your full dome back again. The large opening of an open-arched dome is great on a hot days and for using your dome at a party or trade show.

"The dome arrived packaged beautifully and everything needed was readily available. Erecting the 30' dome was tough for us with two people, but with a third person it went very quickly. We elected to leave the large opening to use it as a party shelter for an Oktoberfest celebration. After being staked down by the side of our lake the dome has weathered some pretty strong winds and a first snowfall. We are now closing in the open side to prepare it for winter and look forward to using it throughout next year. It provides a beautiful and welcoming space for all who see it." See the full testimonial here

Instructions that come with your yurt tell you how to turn your yurt into a Open-Arched Yurt Dome (see the user manual here. Simply remove the poles from one side of the dome, roll the covering up and tie it out of the way, creating a large cave-like opening on that side. You can also place this opening up against the side of a house or building in order to expand the usable space of your home.


Comparing the Width and Height of 14',18', 20', and 30' Open-Arched Domes

 Dome Size

Width of Opening

 Height of Opening

 14' dome

11' 6 "

 5' 6"

 18' dome

14' 6"


 20' dome

 16' 6"

 7' 5"

 30' dome

23' 5"

 7' 4"

Bubble Dome
open arch


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